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Salomé Joyas

Salomé & Joyas is a company with a long family tradition, fully consolidated in the Valencian market. Salomé designs and creates unique jewelry 100% crafted in Spain. After 20 years in the market, they contacted us craving more visibility for their jewelry.

Slupu has played a key role in helping Salome & Joyas start its digital transformation process.

After an exhaustive analysis, we selected the most appropriate channels in order to generate a digital ecosystem that allowed us to capture qualified leads and generate business opportunities.

After analyzing their main customer segments, the first thing we did was to improve their website, making it more fresh, current and adapted to the interests of their different buyers.

We carried out a photographic session that complemented the global corporate communication process. New images of the product, of the equipment and outdoor photos to renew the whole image in general.

The channels we used to give visibility to the brand were:

Increase local searches in Google My Business

Since Salomé & Joyas is a physical store, we worked the local SEO. This way, potential customers in Valencia who were looking for wedding or jewelry stores found their business. This resulted in more visits to their jewelry store.

Salome Joyas proyecto Slupu
Salome Joyas proyecto Slupu
Salome Joyas proyecto Slupu

Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook audience

Instagram is an ideal social network to display and sell products. That is why we are trying to improve the presence of Salome & Joyas in this social network. We synchronized their online store on Instagram, gave visibility to their products and multiplied their sales.

At the same time, we made a creative communication strategy to connect with their Buyer Persona.

Pinterest is a very visual platform that, although not used as much as the other two, is still a perfect place to find inspiration. We detected that wedding guests or organizers made many inquiries via this social network. In addition, Pinterest helps a lot to improve the SEO for image searches.

Salome Joyas proyecto Slupu

SEO on Page

There was no previous work on SEO on Page, so everything we did in Slupu, was new. We optimized the loading speed of the website, we also optimized it for mobiles, we removed pages with duplicate canonical rel, we created a sitemap, HTTPS protocol, we solved broken images, heavy content, we added alt tags to the images, meta descriptions, page titles, good web architecture, redirects to 404 to 301...

Initially the loading time of the website was extremely slow, because the website was hosted on a third party server outside of Spain. With web optimization and migrating the site to VADAVO's servers, we solved this problem.

Content Marketing

Create valuable content on the blog that allowed us to attract new users, interact with the existing ones and get more sales. At the same time, together with the SEO On Page and the generation of articles, we managed to position the jewelry store with keywords that had a high volume of searches in guest and bride.

Salome Joyas proyecto Slupu
Salome Joyas proyecto Slupu
Salome Joyas proyecto Slupu
Salome Joyas proyecto Slupu

We implemented technological tools to better understand the behavior of their users and obtain measurable data (Google Analytics, Search Console, Metricool, Semrush, among others).