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Buyer Persona Definition and audience segments

The first step we took was to define the buyer person and what kind of segments we were targeting. To do this, we conducted several brainstorming sessions before the brand was launched.

Value proposition

Being a jewelry project, Nitnuit needed a clear value proposition to differentiate itself from the competition and gain a competitive advantage in such a saturated market niche, as jewelry.

After several meetings, we defined the benefits that its products would bring to their customers.

Web development

We created an e-commerce by aligning the conversion funnel with the stages of the consumer's purchase process. In this way, we knew at all times what type of information to communicate to the potential customer and through what means to do so.

Nitnuit proyecto slupu


Selection of off-line and on-line channels to get our message across and make the product known to the potential customers. We defined the appropriate communication channels.

Nitnuit proyecto slupu

We carried out communication strategies in the following channels:

  1. Social media Advertising
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Copywriting
  5. Social Selling
  6. Trade Fairs
Nitnuit proyecto slupu