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Nou Dent

Clinicas Nou Dent is a group of dental clinics based in seven locations in Spain, specializing in implants and orthodontics, and at the forefront of the latest dental technology.

Nou Dent came to Slupu to improve its online positioning and attract new visitors to each of its clinics.

Internal Analysis

The group's website had not been updated for almost 8 years. The loading speed of the website was very slow and the user experience, as you can imagine, unsatisfactory.

We analyze the indexation of the website. We remove duplicate content, surplus and outdated pages that do not contribute anything to the user, we block the indexing of certain internal content that was indexed, etc.

We study the content in depth: image size reduction, titles and descriptions, headings, etc.

There was no hierarchy of links. We had to create it from scratch.

We improved the loading speed of the web by doing what we could, caching the web, compressing files, disabling unnecessary plugins, etc. The website was hosted in servers outside Spain, in a company that resells the hosting service, so this factor that affects a lot the loading time, was an impediment that we could not solve.

We change the urls by entering the keywords and optimize the SERP to increase the CTR and capture more clicks.

Keyword research

As this was a group of dental clinics, the best way to position each of them was by working on local searches.

We searched for long tail keywords with intentional search conversion, because even if the traffic was lower, it would be highly segmented and qualified traffic. For example: "dental clinic in valencia", "dental clinic in quart"

Content Marketing

On the other hand, the short content that was uploaded to the corporate blog did not follow any content strategy. We aligned the keywords that we were interested in positioning and others that had searches for their Buyer Persona, with the content that had to be uploaded to the blog.

Example for the keyword "Periodontics"

  • Monthly traffic: 1000
  • Searches related to that keyword:
    • What it is/what it consists of
    • Diseases that can cause it
    • Symptoms
    • How to prevent periodontal diseases
    • Treatment
    • Does it hurt?
    • When is a curettage needed?

Quality content that we know has traffic and interests our type of customer.

Local Seo

For physical businesses such as dental clinics, to position them, we did local SEO. We optimized very well each one of the Google My Business files and we obtained ratings from their clients.


With these strategies we are able to significantly improve the clinics at the local level.

Example for the clinic in Valencia:

Nou Dent proyecto slupu
Nou Dent proyecto slupu
Nou Dent proyecto slupu